Harnessing Data to Optimize Health, Fitness, and Performance


Transforming data into insight and applications to help people improve their health, fitness, and performance


TriDot® is Optimized Triathlon Training™ that delivers better results in less time with fewer injuries.


RemoteRacing™ is real racing with real results. It normalizes different remote climates and courses to create a fair and level playing field.


RaceX® is Optimized Race Execution™ that turns performance potential into race-day reality.


Predictive Fitness, Inc. (PF) is a technology company that uses big data and advanced analytics to transform individuals’ fitness data, biometrics, and genetics into highly accurate and actionable intelligence used to power applications for individuals, coaches/trainers, and device manufacturers.

PF’s core nSight™ technology (patent pending) is based on ongoing research and development that began in 2005. It’s comprised of a high-quality proprietary dataset of biometric and performance data from more than 30 million optimized sessions for more than 40,000 athletes worldwide. Data is acquired and analyzed using highly sophisticated data-normalizing technologies and numerous analytical and prescriptive capabilities such as data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced analytics.

PF currently has five unique applications powered by nSight that include TriDot®, RaceX®, IronIndex®, VSR Solutions™, and TriDot’s Augmented Coaching™.  Predictive Fitness is the Official Predictive Analytics Technology of USA Triathlon.


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