Harnessing Data to Optimize Health & Fitness


Transforming data into insight and applications to help people improve their health & fitness
Optimized Triathlon Training®. Better Results in Less Time.
Real Racing with Real Results. A Fair and Level Playing Field for Athletes Around the World.
Optimized Race Execution™. Race Pacing, Predictions, and What-If Analysis.


Predictive Fitness leverages its comprehensive dataset and nSight™ Intelligence Engine to power health, fitness, and performance applications.
nSight™ is comprised of proprietary metrics and performance frameworks, normalizing technologies, AI, machine learning, predictive modeling, prescriptive analytics, and other patent-pending technologies that enable strategic insights, impact analysis, and optimization.
We use our data and technology to create solutions for endurance athletes, general fitness, health-conscious individuals as well as military, employer, insurance, healthcare, and wellness stakeholders.

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