Physiogenomix uses your DNA to further optimize training

The first step in reaching your genetic potential is knowing what your genetic potential is. Physiogenomix leverages Predictive Fitness's groundbreaking nSight Optimization Engine (predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and nearly two decades of athlete data) to offer unparalleled training optimization based on your genetic profile.

Your DNA and training data is used to optimize your training to deliver your best results in less time with fewer injuries.

Your Physiogenomix analysis includes detailed results of more than two dozen
genes directly linked to the following categories:


Training Intensity Response

Training Intensity Response is a relative measure of how you respond to high-intensity versus low-intensity training. Based on your genetic variations, you are predisposed to have a greater response to either high or low-intensity training.

Training Impact

Training Intensity Response influences your training emphasis and improvement expectations, specifically related to differences between training above your functional (aerobic) threshold versus at or below it. Proper emphasis and expectations help to ensure that training time and intensities are optimized to achieve improvements that are the most beneficial to overall performance.


Aerobic Potential

Aerobic Potential is a measure of your potential for developing a high aerobic capacity or high oxygen utilization (VO2max). This is not a measure of your current aerobic capacity. Rather, it is a measure of your aerobic trainability--your potential for improvement with proper training.

Training Impact

Aerobic Potential influences how quickly and to what degree you are able to increase your aerobic fitness. This can impact improvement-rate expectations used when optimizing training focus and periodization of training blocks in both short and long training phases.


Recovery Rate

Recovery Rate is a measure of your genetic ability to recover from exercise-induced oxidative stress and inflammation. This includes the level of stress and inflammation produced and the rate at which it is cleared.

Training Impact

Your Recovery Rate primarily influences training intensity and frequency, specifically with regard to higher intensity sessions. It can be used proactively when prescribing training to help ensure planned sessions don’t include more training stress than you have time to recover from prior to your next high-intensity session. Recovery Rate can also impact how much time is required to taper for or recover from a race.


Injury Predisposition

Injury Predisposition is a measure of how genetically prone you are to incurring soft-tissue (tendon and ligament) injuries from training.

Training Impact

Your Injury Predisposition primarily influences training intensity and volume, specifically related to high-intensity sessions and rates of increasing volume and long session durations. It can also influence the type of warm-up drills and strength training routines that contain high-impact, ballistic movements.

Take your training to the next level.

TriDot's predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence optimize triathlon training making TriDot the obvious and automatic choice for triathlon training. No matter the race, no matter the skill level.

Detailed Breakdown of Two Dozen Training-Related SNPs

Predictive Fitness has married two decades' of training data with breakthrough genetic research to create the world's most definitive genetic profile for athletes. Your results include a detailed breakdown of specific genes that relate directly to physical training. By uploading your genome, your training is further optimized based on your genetics to improve its efficacy delivering even better results for you.


How do I upload my genome?

Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Order a DNA collection kit from or
  2. Submit your sample for genotyping.
  3. Download your raw genome file.
  4. Upload your genome (Diagnostics: Physiogenomix).
  5. Review your Physiogenomix analysis of your genome.
  6. Get enhanced training optimization based on your DNA!

This data will be used to enhance your training allowing you to realize your best results in less time with fewer injuries.


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In my profession, data directs the best path forward. TriDot’s Physiogenomix utilizes this approach as part of their optimization engine. In addition to your training results and specific biometrics, TriDot also uses your genome to develop an individualized plan by incorporating data on fitness-related SNPs to further personalize triathlon training. As an athlete, you can access and understand how your genetics impact your training, and appreciate knowing that TriDot actually uses this entire suite of data to help you achieve your best results, as efficiently and injury-free as possible.


Chris Hess

PhD Genetics

Take Your Training to the Next Level.

Let TriDot turn your training data and DNA into performance improvements beyond what you thought possible! TriDot's predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence optimize triathlon training making TriDot the obvious and automatic choice for triathlon training. No matter the race, no matter the skill level.